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How to measure your fireplace for your new mantel

To help us better understand your project specifications, we have created the following fireplace measurement worksheets. First, determine if you have a MASONRY firebox or a MANUFACTURED firebox, then download and fill out your measurement form. Please fill out and return through tex or email or bring to our showroom located at 1485 Poinsettia Ave #118, Vista, CA. Please attach a digital photo of your fireplace for our reference. Below are sample photos to help you determine if you have a masonry or manufactured firebox. You can tell easily if your fireplace is a masonry fireplace or a manufactured fireplace by looking at it. A masonry fireplace is built with bricks and has no black metal frame around the opening. The manufactured fireplace has a black metal sheet around the opening. If your fireplace is covered by your existing mantel, you can still tell by looking closely around the opening.

You use the same form for both masonry firebox or manufacture firebox. When you measure, please make sure that you measure the opening (the hole) and not to include any black metal frame or bricks. For example the "A" measurement (width of firebox opening) is the distance from left edge to right edge of the hole or the cavity. Please do not include any black metal or bricks. Likewise, the "B" measurement (height of firebox opening) is the height of the cavity, the distance from the bottom of the hole (not the floor) to the top of the hole. The "F" measurement is the distace from the floor to the bottom of the hole.

Exception: if your firebox has vent or louvers, consider the vent part of the opening. Your measurements should include the vent or louvers. Therefore, for the "A" and "B" measurements you should include the louvers or vent, but for the "F" measurement, measure from the floor to the bottom of the vent only.

Masonry Firebox
Manufactured or prefab firebox